Disable reset/bootloader buttons on Panda

Is there any way to disable the reset/bootloader buttons on Panda? It will be in an environment where it could be shaken or possibly bumped and I don’t want it to reboot if the buttons are pressed and I don’t want to build a box around it.

If it’s shaken enough to press the buttons, it’s likely to be shaken enough to damage the board… :smiley:
You can still unsolder the reset button and replace it by some jumper 8)
As for the loader button, it’s used only at boot time, so you should have no risk with this one !

This got me thinking. Like in Windows, it may be cool if Reset had a built in OnClick event that you could ignore.

private void OnResetClick(…)
if (this.ignore)
eventArg.Handled = true; // Ignore click

That is what I am thinking. You could figure out exactly what type of G forces would be required by measuring the amount of force required to push the button and estimating the mass of the moving part of the button.

Is everyone drinking today? :slight_smile:

I meant more from incidental contact with something that had shaken loose, not just the button being magically pressed by shaking… So long story short, short of unsoldering it there is no way to disable it, correct?

Right. The reset button is wired to the uC reset pin.

While I applaud the forward thinking of, ‘what if?’ I still have to wonder if the concern is well placed. If something is flying around in your enclosure with enough force to depress a button it has enough force to destroy the board itself, or if metallic short things out.

Having the board in a separate enclosure would be one way to protect it, even a simple cover/shield over it would offer ample protection.

You could always put a dollop of hot glue (or epoxy, or …) over the button. That ought to disable it real good.

Ah, I like that idea, thanks.