Disable exception & GC logging

Sorry for my question. I searched on the forum but I could not find something. Our technical services are using FEZ config software for programming devices. They are seeing all my handled exception stack traces and they are confusing. How can I disable GC and handled exception traces? I found the below code for GC but I could not find something for exceptions.


My devices are G120.

I have never been exposed to a situation where exception messages were a problem. By definition they should only be occurring under exceptional conditions.

Unwinding exceptions is an expensive operation.

How are you using exceptions?

yep, exceptions by definition, you want to know if they’re occurring. You’d never want to turn debug visibility of them off.

I just want to turn off them on release mode. Is there any method for this like Debug.EnableGCMessages?

Hi Mike,

For example I am getting ConnectionException when I use HttpWebRequest. I am handling this exception but I don’t wanna see it because I cannot control HttpWebRequest part. I am getting IP address from my modem and everything is ok but connection cannot be establishing.

I think the simplest solution is to document the messages that come out of the device so there is no confusion.