Dis-organized support information ! need better organization...!

Hello guys,
Not sure if you all agree with me, but i noticed that most of the info is not well organized, for example the Wiki is not categorized into Boards, which would make a whole lot more sense then categorizing the info into hardware type… to me it should be:

Board Type(Ex: Gadgeteer Spider>>>Hardware type (Ex: Display)

This is on of the most important part of the success of any project, it should be easy to find information related to the product you are working on.

right now you have to rely on tags >>and not everyone uses those when uploading code and wiki’s… so please find the time to reorganize the WIKI http://wiki.tinyclr.com

the same goes for the CODE page: http://code.tinyclr.com

Another thing…

SInce most of the Project is Open source i would recommend that GHI distributes two types of installers one for noobs that has the pre-built DLL for all modules and one for more advanced users that includes the source code instead of the Pre-Built Dll, right now i’ll have to go to the codeplex and get the source mess with it to get into my solution… many steps that can be easily done with an installer.

i’m sure GHI engineers are busy getting new products out, but we need to remember that you must keep it FEZ ( FREAKING EASY ) :wink:


Thanks for feedback. Will see how we can improve.

I for one don’t necessarily think things are “disorganised”. That’s what search is for :slight_smile:

Boards are somewhat less relevant than what the code does and what platforms it’s tested on - and as far as platforms goes, USBizi EMX CWX etc is as granular as you need - you don’t care if it’s been done on a Panda not a Panda II as they’re “the same”. Gadgeteer should also become a new platform I guess, since the intent again is that this is a “level playing field”.

The Wiki is a Wiki, and anyone can add additional information as needed. Feel free to jump on in!

Edit: I’d also go as far to say that neither the Wiki or the Code repository are “support information” sources. The code repository is for useful code snippets or apps that anyone can share to the benefit of the whole community. The Wiki is a place where the community can document things that they want, or which they found challenging when getting started; this will potentially include information that helps support others, but that’s not it’s primary goal.

And my last comment is that the Fez Gadgeteer boards are very new and will take time to get to the same amount of information available about them