Dimmer with FEZ Mini


I am making a dimmer. I have got a scheme but there should be a zero crossing detection implemented. Can someone help me with integtrating this into the scheme?



Looks like you already have it all so I am not sure what is your question.

Be VERY CAREFUL when you connect to power lines.

The question is: how should I combine these scheme’s. Where should the zero crossing detection be in the dimmer scheme? In between what components.

I am aware of the risks, thanks for mentioning!


Taking a good look at the scheme I am thinking that the PC814 is taking care of the zero crossing. Is this correct?

I was thinking it was just the power supply of the FEZ …

One thing I would note w/ dimmers having used them in the past is not all bulbs react the same. You’d think you could do a simple 0 - 100% on the dimmer, and you’d be wrong. I found of my standard 60Watt bulbs it as around 10 - 96. Below or above that level resulted in a flickering effect.