DigitalSignal duration when ReadPulse is aborted

I am noticing that when I call “ReadPulse” and then call “Abort” before it completes, the value of the “duration” TimeSpan in the event handler is always 5 ticks, not the length of time that the ReadPulse was running. The “count” does seem to be correct (or at least it varies. I can’t check vs. my known frequency without the right duration). Is this the expected behavior?

Not tested on device yet but look at code, impossible. :)).

Okay, you are saying that you looked at the code and it should be impossible? Could you try it on a device and see what you get? I’m using the SC20100S Dev board. Thanks!

checked on device, then it is possible :)).

Try to enable waitforedge = true.

We will work on this later.

It is fixed in which released today.


Thank you!