Digital Camera to HDD to TV


My parents (both 80+) are looking to buy a digital camera. One requirement is that they can copy the pictures to a HDD without being a PC expert (and no, they don’t have/want a pc). So does anyone know of any HDD media player that has a SD or MemoryStick slot and allows you to copy to memory stick to the HDD with an on screen menu? (pref MemoryStick slot as they’ll go probably for a Sony digital cam)

Thanks in advance

I’ve heard good things about these devices:

edit: I have a mate who swears by these - great after sales assistance and upgradeability apparently. [url]Vosonic

Why not choosing a camera that support SD cards (cheaper than MStick) and use SD as a storage… just like the old negatives ?

Maybe it will be cheaper than buying a PC or something else…