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Different voltage on load module


Dear Forum,

is it possible to connect different DC voltage to the load-module?

If yes, how to connect them?


Thank you for your fast answere.

I was just a little bit unsure to connect different voltages to the SRG pin.


Ok, I’ve connected 5V and then additionally 12V. After that my PC mainboard and my Mountaineer Ethernet mainboard died. I don’t think, that i have wired someting wrong.

Can someone from GHI confirm this? I don’t want kill another mainboard…


I would say you have killed the mainboard.

Please describe what you connected to what


Thank you for your answere.

I’ve killed my pc mainboard and my gadgeteer mainboard :frowning:

The connection:

5V to SRG and LED+
12V to SRG and motor+

5V-GND to Load-GND
12V-GND to Load-GND

LED-GND to Load-P1
Montor-GND to Load-P2

This should be right ?!?