Differences between ALFAT boards

We have been using the uALFATUSB-3 boards in our products for years. What are the differences between that and the new ALFAT USB board? What are the differences between the ALFAT OEM Board and the new ALFAT USB board? I am mainly concerned with the command set and software interface differences. We have an ALFAT OEM board for evaluation and the command set and interface is quite different from the uALFATUSB-3 board. Is the new ALFAT USB board like the uALFATUSB-3 or the ALFAT OEM or neither?

Electrically and physically, they are the same. However, the command structure is slightly different. This means, the new ALFAT boards will drop in the old uALFAT boards but you will need to change your code. The interface/commands is the same on all ALFAT board, as they all use the same chipset, which is ALFAT.

ALFAT is faster, better and lower cost than uALFAT and USBwiz, especially that the USB Host is built in.

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Thanks Gus. Is there a User Manual for the new ALFAT USB board yet?

That and other ALFAT related documents will be up this week.

Hope this isn’t too late to help, we’ve started on getting the documentation in-place. Go to
http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/428 and click on the “Resources” tab.

Thanks. Are there different about command ? we have V1.10 board and V1.20 board. Is there a User Manual for the 1.10 board?

Same commands

Thanks.I want instead uALFAT-USB V1.0 bord with V1.2. I know there are a few different, example U<0d> and I U0:. Can you give me V1.2 user Manual?

Sorry ,Is V1.0 user Manual.

If you want uALFAT documentation, here is the graveyard of them: