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Difference of FEZ spider and Fez Hydra main board


what are the Difference of FEZ spider and Fez Hydra main board …what is the best board?


Spider is superior in every way, hydra is only faster

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The detailed comparison is there.

Drat! Beaten by 18 seconds!


Go to and look for comparison information. :smiley:


Wow, 3 replies in few seconds! :slight_smile:


yeah… I guess we have to try harder to be responsive. :smiley:


yep… i want to connect GSM module with hydra…is it ok?
is there any issues with connecting gsm module with hydra board?


it should work just fine.


ok thanx am going to build a device with camera module,compass and gsm module… i have some problem with sending pictures that we taken from camera module via gsm module via gprs…does anyone have solution to do that


Why did you post your question twice?


i checked some other blogs and forms in some cases they told that hydra is not support with GPRS dats why i i made a post again… now the problem ok…is there any deference in coding with hydra and spider



Not entirely. Although both boards use NetMF, Hydra uses the GHI OSH libraries, while Spider uses the GHI Premium libraries.


@ aron thanx …