Difference between EMX and FEZ Cobra

I am new to the world of microcontroller-based solutions and would like to prototype a project. I have narrowed it down to either the EMX of FEZ Cobra since both use the same processor and have the features we need.

However, I am not sure, beyond hardware and software requirements being met, which would be the better one to choose. Does anybody have a document they can point me to or an answer to what is different between these beyond the hardware itself? E.g. how easy would it be to go from prototype to commercial solution? Cost and licensing differences? Differences in support available?

Thank you very much.

EMX module is used on EMX Development System and on FEZ Cobra. You can use either one with no need to pay anything extra for licensing.

EMX Dev Sys is a “Development system”. It is made for development and not to go in products (but you can do that if you want to). On the other hand, FEZ Cobra is not made for development (can be used for that tough if you want) but it is made to be part of a product or even it can be the product itself. You can see the many display options and enclosures here http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/category/22/