Did you noticed USBizi's new low commercial price?

[url]http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/category/21/[/url] 8)

Cool. Are you guys also going to do a Xpresso type dev board and debugger for this. Or does xpresso already handle this?

A few more buck higher than before! :frowning:

Lol, Sam you mean it is half price now. It was $30.
The price now is almost as same as the empty processor price. :smiley:


I bought one (USBizi 100) in Nov, 2010.
The price was $14.95. I still have the receipt!

Those were special non-commercial price and only available for samples.

I changed the title ;).

So, this one is for commercial use.
Nice. :smiley:

@ Joe. “The price now is almost as same as the empty processor price.”

I never fully understood this. Is there any hw difference between the chips? Is the difference sw value add? Or have you contracted NXT to make updates?

USBizi chipset = hardware (the same NXP chipset) + software(GHI’s NETMF port for this hardware + GHI value-added features)+ technical support.

Gothca. Thanks Joe. That fills, at least, one hole in my brain.

What is the different between Commercial and Non-Commercial??

Technically they are exactly the same.
The non-commercial chipset were offered for a limited time for FEZ community members like you.

Now,anyone can get the chipset for less than the non-commercial price with volume purchase.
For example, USBizi144 chipset:
Non-commercial price was $19.95
single quantity Commercial Price is $18.95
Volume commercial price is $13.27


Thanks Joe. ;D