Did you grow up in the age of the arcade?

Then you’ll definitely want to read this:

Then reply with your favorite game of your youth…

Mine was probably Sinistar in my middle-school days, and Major Havok and Paperboy in college.

Gyruss and Ghosts and Gobblins were mine…

Is it ok to say that I bought an original 1979 cocktail cabinet with mame 48-in-1 game board in it? It had been retrofitted with an LCD, and I’ve just upgraded the joysticks and buttons. I have to say I probably play Galaga more than any other, but Gyruss is good too.

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+1 for Galaga!

I must admit i have mame and a few hundred games :slight_smile:

Also +1 for Galaga

Gobblins 1,2,3, Kyrandia, Monkey Island, different Quests

Gyruss was a fave of mine. Some others using the same format (player character rotating around the objective in the middle) were Tempest (Tempest (video game) - Wikipedia) and Star Castle (Star Castle - Wikipedia).

Just like Juzzer … too many to remember -

Dragon’s Lair, Joust, Donkey Kong, (Super) Breakout, Star Wars, and whatever the corner Pizzeria had.

I spent so much money I didn’t have at the arcades over the years.

Tempest, QIX, Battle Zone

Tempest was great! Qbert was another classic for me. Gauntlet confused me – 1 joystick to move and another to aim your weapons with. I guess it was early testing to show that I wasn’t going to play piano or play the drums :slight_smile:



Joystick only for movement, plus one button for weapon and one for magic. Maybe you’re thinking of a different game?

I must be … sometimers kicking in I guess :frowning:

After searching — It was: Robotron 2084

Check out the hi-def graphics:

Joust, Defender and Galaga.

Oh, Joust! I’d almost forgotten about that game. I loved that!

My neighbor threw two IKEA shelves away and I converted them into a full-size MAME cabinet. It’s simply amazing how you can relieve stress by just a few rounds of Space Invaders once in a while, to take the mind off.

I loved Double Dragon, though was primarily into shoot’em ups. Raiden comes to mind, don’t care to think of how much money went into that one.

Ahhhhh the years I wasted on galaxian and defender! Well not wasted, I firmly believe it prepared me for the remote possibility that we get invaded by aliens and I need to viciously waggle a joystick whilst hammering the fire button at a rate that would make a modern minigun struggle to keep up. Be prepared people, be prepared! :smiley: