Did my part Beagleboard by GHI

Did my part to help GHI stay in business.
Ordered from Mouser -
Beagleboard by GHI
I wonder if delivery truck beats Santa getting here?


Thanks for keeping us in business :slight_smile:


What? GHI is that close to going out of business you say?

That changes everything. I want to invest in a platform that will be around for awhile. But if Gus is right, and GHI is barely hanging on, so tentatively in business that a single order can make or break them, Maybe it isn’t wise. Thanks for the honesty Gus :smiley:

I really hope you understand this is a joke!

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I’m just having fun with you :slight_smile:

I know you were joking.

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@ willgeorge - Only now? Dude you’re late :whistle:

@ Mr. John Smith -

Only now? Not sure I understand the question.
But then again, at my age I feel lucky if I understand anything…