Diablo 3

So as you may have seen, my avatar was the Diablo 3 logo at one point. I’ve been looking forward to this game for years (it’s been 10 years in the making). That’s one attribute I love about Blizzard Entertainment, they don’t release something until it meets their [em]high standards[/em]. I’m a casual gamer and I’m curious if anyone else in the community enjoys the occasional game. Is anyone going to be playing Diablo 3? If you’re unfamiliar I’ve included a video below. I’d be more than happy to team up with TinyCLR users to fight the burning hells lol. May 15th will be an exciting day.

Il will be one of them :wink:

What’s your BattleTag?


I have to admit that I’m currently like a kid waiting for his new toy :slight_smile:

Waiting patiently :wink: