DHCP on Cerbuino NET

We have try to get IP on Cerberus NET using DHCP from several routers and never Works :frowning:

Just is to confirm that may be a problem on lwID, using ENC28 with no premium library’s?


@ PepLluis - You could try mIP (http://mip.codeplex.com). If the DHCP does not work on mIP, you can see why because the DHCP handler is in C#. You’d probably have to reflash with the non-ethernet firmware, then make a custom InterfaceProfile in mIP, but it should work.

@ PepLluis - Actually, before suggesting mIP, I really should have suggested looking at the packets with wireshark. DHCP is a series of packets – Discovery, request, response, ACK. If you inspected the packets it might indicate where the root cause is.

@ Valkyrie-MT - You have reason, but I’m sure to be more fast try testing with your mIP :slight_smile:

All DHCP are working fine in my Cobra II NET (ENC28).

However I think remember read about this question around lwID problem, the question is confirm if anybody knows this mistake or are working on any workaround for the next release.

Again… thanks for your help!

@ Valkyrie-MT - No problems getting IP from DHCP on mip :-))