DHCP Client receives no IP at startup

Dear sir, madam

I am using g400 with latest firmware and framework.
sometimes after restarting device without any powerdown, the dhcpclient does not get a valid IP from the dhcp server.
Any tries using mf download interface, firmwaredownload by usb won’t work in this situation.

I powered down the system, restarted … and got a correct ip submitted by the dhcp server.

In my application i use a lot of tcp connections and the restart in general is done by Reboot Command.

Any hints are welcome.


Spin a blinking led heartbeat in a thread to see if it stops blinking. This will tell you if the system locked up.

the system includes a debugging interface, therefore i can easy inspect the current controller state.
I enumerate and check the current ip in interval.
as I mentioned, sometimes the dhcp-ip is not assigned and the only way to get an ip is to power down and restart the whole device.
a software reboot ist not sufficient.

So the only way to check this is to get a network trace (wireshark or equivalent) and see that the DHCP request packet is going out on the network.

@ Brett - seems ease, but this happens very seldom. you are right

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the words were easy to say, but its never that easy, I know :frowning: