DHCP and setting NAME


I can see that this question was asked some time back but re wiznet (I think).

I am using EMX modules with DHCP - and want the module name to appear in the DHCP servers list of addresses.

How/where do I set this please ???.

My guess is that it needs to be set BEFORE requesting a DHCP lease but I cannot see an entry in netif or anywhere in EnableDHCP call to do this ??.

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I thought that DHCP was used to get an IP address. DNS is used to get IP addresses by name?

@ Mike - sometimes a DHCP server will show the names of the systems it has leased out IP info to. Maybe this is what Graham is referring to. Those servers maybe using the DNS info to show the name.

I suspect that NETBIOS name is what the DHCP server is more likely to want.

This is not possible with the current firmware that uses netmf 4.1. I am not sure if this is supported in NETMF 4.2 either.


Thanks for the clear response - its a great pity however, especially as its just a drop-in name field (up to 64 octets).

Other guys:

Just to clarify - what I am asking for is the DHCP support to pass in a ‘server name’ - which then gets sent to the DHCP server in field ‘sname’. The server then normally displays this as the 'owner# of the lease - most often the PC name. This actually makes it FAR simpler to identify a specific piece of kit when displaying the router (or other DHCP server) list of assigned DHCP addresses :-)).

In my case I am deveoping EMX boards into modules, and would like them to report their individual serial number as part of this process - thus allowing easy identification in the DHCP list.

Hope this helps to clarify the ‘request’.

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