does anyone have experience using DGPS with receiving RTCM / NTRIP data.



c# and vb code welcome “:-)”

I have been looking for the spec for RTCM for years but the spec costs big bucks…

Also, as far as I know the DGPS corrections must be done on the GPS itself…

@ GMod(Errol) - ok
found a “big” net framework projekt receiving a RTCM stream and sending it to the gps.
now I transpose and recode it to the netMF and Gadgeteer hardware.

@ VB-Daniel - Hi,

I’m new to Gadgeteer but am looking into having a go. I would love to put together a unit which logs GPS position. Accuracy would be great and i notice you have been looking at DGPS.

I cant find any gadgeteer compatible DGPS ready units. Can i ask what your using? Im dont need live corrections, im happy to post process. Any pointers you have, would be gratefully received



@ Roj3 - actually i’m using the gadgeteer gps unit


with my own driver shared at


the module is supporting DGPS using RTCM streaming data and yet i’m getting an DGPS fix receiving an RTCM stream from an NTRIP server. The code will be posted on codeshare in a few days…

I have no experience using DGPS with post processing. I think you need the RAW GPS data (not the NMEA) and im not sure if its possible with this module. In the ublox datasheet is written “only available with raw data product variant”. I don’t test it …

hope I can help