DFRobot PCB Service

Gents, i have a new best friend at DFRobot - Lauren.
We have had an email exchange over the last week or so on how DFRobot can improve their service.
Due to this they now offer a panellisation service for the 10x10 and 10x15 service for the same design.
So if you want quantity and your design is long and skinny then away you go - price is really good as well.
The other thing is manufacture codes - if they are going to be applied send an image with your designs with where you want them placed - like under an ic etc.
Lauren is keen to improve their service so if you have any questions or ideas just tell him - he is very helpful.

that conversation started out kinda freaky you know… just sayin.

@ Brett - I have a bag of sweeties :smiley:

A 10x5 option would have worked out real well for me on my last order. I had to use the 10x10 but my board only required half that space. An option to put the codes on the back of the board would be nice. I suppose I could move the front to the back and vice versa but that would be weird to work with…

@ ianlee74 - You can tell them what side and where to put the codes.

I could swear that it used to say to place your order number on the top of the board. Now I can’t find any reference to it. They either removed that statement or I confused them with someone else. Good to know.

I recently placed orders for the Rewire module with both Seeed and DFRobot at the same moment. DFRobot was a bit more expensive, but the boards came something like a week faster. I haven’t examined the boards closely for quality differences yet, but I will.

Using standard shipping or DHL?

Standard shipping…

What was your total time with DFRobot from time submitted to received? I got 11 days using the DHL service.

It was about two weeks. The three weeks I saw from Seeed is quite typical of what I’ve seen from them.