Development kit suggestions?

I am about to start a new project and was hoping to get some suggestions since there are alot of options in the way of hardware to buy on here. The main components I need are a spi interface for an external device and the ability to transmit / receive over standard TCP over WIFI 802.11. In addition the processor has to have real time clock capability. Thanks in advance for any advise!

EMX development system

Depending on if you need a screen you might also look at Spider + Wifi module?

I do not need a screen for this, I already have a Fez Cobra Development Kit, but I was hoping for something little faster processor wise. So would the Mountaineer USB Mainboard or FEZ Hydra Mainboard and RS9110-N-11-22-04 WiFi module work well together?

None of these board work with RS21 WiFi but you can use a wifi-serial bridge.