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Development for Fex board on Linux


Is there any way to use linux for code development for Fez Boards.
I guess mono started providing some support for micro framework. Can I use mono rather than visual studio to write and deploy code for fez boards.

I like the versatility of Fez Boards but I don’t want to use MS-Windows. Is there any solution (even if not complete) for people like me?


FEZ has standard NETMF and so if Mono supports NETMF then it automatically supports FEZ. I never tried linux myself but will be great if we can see some tutorial on how to use mono


Currently, the only way I know to deploy to the FEZ boards is either by writing your own application to download a compiled firmware package to the chip, or using Visual Studio.

I do not think there is a build of the NETMF SDK for Linux.

I do not know if Mono is good enough to support running Visual Studio and the NETMF SDK, as well as the GHI NETMF SDK.


I remember someone saying something about using Linux so I think it was done to some extend


I remember reading somewhere that there is a DLL used by MFDeploy to do the actual deployment. If you can find this DLL you can write a program to do the deployment under MONO.


Why? They may be some work around but why go through 10x more work to accomplish the same task? I heard at one time that the Netduino guys were working on something with Mono but still it seems like a lot of work to avoid using a really nice (and free) IDE (Visual Studio.)


Are you looking for a rational answer?


The reasons for not using MS-Windows are numerous which range from personal to business. Some people simply don’t believe in visual studio, holding on to investments in other IDEs getting dragged down with it. However, if it wasn’t for these die hards Visual Studio wouldn’t be as good as it is today (imho).

Besides, what may seem to be hard in one perspective might be really easy in another.


Because in some countries, like mine, MS Windows cost $200? And MS refuse to give a decent upgrade option for idiots, like me, that bought Vista? :slight_smile:


If you don’t believe in Microsoft products, then why should one believe in .NET(MF)?

If you’re totally linux minded, then use a board that runs linux. (FOX Board G20 for example)


If you use Linux remember that most likely you are using a commercial version or one of those that have been put together by community input… If you are using the Free Linux Kernel from ground up ::slight_smile: , you will uderstand the freedom and ease of plug and play, and commercial software; with support. Using Linux and .NETMF sounds great, but remember that you may not be able to use all the neat features that you get with the official release. I hope this helps you on your project.


Looks like they still working on it,so you might find something on netduino forum. If you can get it work with FEZ boards, make sure to share you progress here. Good luck!