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Detecting earthquakes!


This is a great and simple idea to show kids how earthquake detection works.


Talking of earthquakes, I picked up this M5.0 off the south of Java, and south of Jakarta this morning with the geophone I have located on the floor of my apartment. Didn’t actually feel anything at the time around 6:43am.


Oh wow. Do you have these sensors for fun? Or research?


Just for fun.
I live in an apartment on the 20th floor. We had a big one at the start of the year in Jan. ! It was off the scale and being clipped. I watched it live on the monitor as it was happening and the building was swaying at the same time. This was a M6.0 43k underground about 250km from the epicenter.


It left a nice big crack in the wall to the kitchen.


@Dave_McLaughlin, what kind of geophone is it?


This one from Sparkfun


It gives me ideas for student projects.:smiley:


This site will be handy for you. I use the circuit on this website as the front end and output a 12 bit value to Amaseis software.


Thank’s a lot Dave


This system is apparently very good but a lot more expensive but there are do it yourself options too.