Detailed instructions for FEZ Spider Loader update?

(First, please forgive my newbie ignorance…I’ve only worked with the FEZ Cerberus, and only for a short time.)

I just received my FEZ Spider, but found no documentation on the website for the steps to update its loader. Its current loader is, and my goal is to update the loader to before updating the firmware using FEZConfig.

There were detailed instructions for updating the FEZ Cerberus loader on it’s developer’s guide page, but I found no such page for FEZ Spider. I see there are some switches on the Spider, but I don’t know the procedure for performing the loader update, and I don’t want to go down the wrong path.

Does anyone have a pointer to the step-by-step instructions for updating the FEZ Spider loader?

Loader update is similar to a Firmware update as described here:
Just go to the Advanced menu and select Loader update.
FEZConfig shouold tell you waht to do if you select Spider.

@ GHI: Since loader updates are necesarry for about 99% of all FW updates, may be you should not hide it inthe Advanced menu.
Just make it an Option in the normal FW update wizzard (may be even preselected if Version does not match).


@ Reinhard Ostermeier -

Ah, the Advanced menu in FEZConfig is the key. Thank you for the pointer.

The firmware update page says “If you need to update the loader, it should always be done before updating the firmware. See your device’s developers’ guide or manual for more detail on updating the loader.” Since I couldn’t find a Spider developer’s guide page or a Spider manual (is there one?), and my FEZ Cerberus required a completely separate tool for updating the loader, I assumed some other tool was required.

Thanks again for clearing this up.

Once I got into the right place in FEZConfig to update the Spider’s loader, I began a 6-hour saga of pain, with zero progress toward actually getting the loader updated. Since this was sort of a separate issue, I put the details in a new thread at .

Sorry about the inconvenience and we will take note and make any necessary changes.