Dessert anyone? Who Pi's?

Who here has gotten their Raspberry Pi? I coming to you live from my Rev B 256MB. Just brought it up tonight for the first time. Pretty snappy around the forum. Can’t wait to interface it to my FEZ! I’m thinking a FEZ to CAN and OBDII to my truck for monitoring, Raspberry Pi for User Interface. With full out HDMI support, the hard part will be deciding where to drill the monitor bracket. I’ve already been warned that rendering the passenger seat useless will not be acceptable to my significant other… I like the fold up/drop down monitors concept, but they are inconveniently located in my opinion.

What distro are you using? I’m likin’ Occidentalis from Adafruit. I also got one of their cobbler GPIO breakouts and have had moderate success trying out some basics. I’m a linux n00b, so it is taking some getting used to. I’ve yet to get mine on wifi. I used one of the ethernet to wifi bridges that used to be sold here and it seized up the Pi. Waiting for a “compatible” USB WiFi dongle to be back in stock at Adafruit. The HDMI is indeed sweet. Have fun!

I’m using Raspian Wheezy, for Mono support. My Linux is a bit rusty, but it’s coming back to me…

@ ransomhall
For WiFi I’m using the EDIMAX EW-7811Un with Raspbmc. Works like a charm. Bought from RS though, stock number 760-3621.