Desperate Plea - NETMF on STM32F4 Discovery board Rev Z

My setup:
Win 7-64
VS C# Express
STM32F4 Discovery board Rev Z

What I have done:
Replaced crystal with 12MHz crystal
Removed R68
Used DFU Tester to install June Beta NETMF 4.2 Tinybooter
Used MFDeploy to install June Beta NETMF 4.2 TinyCLR
Written, deployed, and run C# app on Discovery board successfully
NOTE: Somewhere in the steps above, I believe I updated, modified or patched something because it is a Rev Z board, not Rev A, but I don’t recall specifics.

Further, I have:
Removed June Beta NETMF 4.2
Installed 7-23 Beta NETMF 4.2
Used DFU Tester to install 7-23 Beta NETMF 4.2 Tinybooter with success
Removed jumper pulling up BOOT0
Reset, replugged, and repowered the board

I get appropriate LED lit when plugging in mini USB and micro USB, however…

I should see an additional device in Devices and Printers, in addition to the STM32 STLink device, correct? I don’t.
I should be able to see the device in MFDeploy (to finish firmware install), correct? I don’t.

Anyone else using an STM32F4 Discovery board Revision Z successfully? (Connect using STM32 ST-LINK Utility to get board revision easily)
Anyone recall any additional steps/patches for Rev Z boards versus Rev A boards?
Anyone have any other clue as to what is wrong?
Anyone have a suggestion as to what to do next to troubleshoot?

Ok, found the Rev Z issue again, it’s a red herring:

as I am using the patched STLink. So now it’s back to just a NETMF on a STM32F407 problem. My Tinybooter won’t.

Did you do a full erase according to the instructions?

Something like “Create from map”, then erase, then load tinybooter, then flash.

Thank you! One of those cases where I got stuck in a rut and couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and a few other cliches. All I missed was the “Create from map” step, so I guess it wasn’t a FULL erase. Thanks a million!

@ Gegg,

just a question about this post.

finally you can get running Cerberus firmware successfull in Discovery?
I talk about this with a friend with discovery kit… but after flash tiny “across both ways transfer hex with stlink or dfu with tester” … the usb device is not recogniced by the system, and never can connect with mfDeploy

The only way to run STM32F4 Discovery kit was using firmware from codeplex and STM32F4 Test usb drivers.

Any comment to clear concepts will be great!
Lot of thanks,

@ mfDevices -

The Cerberus and Discovery use different Crystal speeds. You can do 2 things 1)Change the Crystal on the Discovery to match the Cerberus 2)Modify the Cerberus code to work with the Discovery

Both these methods have been discussed before and you can look at

Rajesh Thanks for prompt response.

Ok I understand!, in this case may be great if anybody can share with the communty the cerberus files compiled for Discovery… this will be more easy that remove and change the electronics.

My friend just want play a little with Discovery kit and netmf.

Thanks Again!

I went the “alter the hardware” route, as that’s half the fun for me. Following the full instructions here resulted in a working board. I have run into limitations, as the Discovery board has more pins, more peripherals,etc. See for some of the work I’ve done as far as providing full sets of pins, peripheral addresses, etc. for the Discovery board.

STM32F4 Discovery Tutorial 1
Using NETMF - Setting Up the Environment

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