Desperate for uALFAT-TF module(discontinued)

Hi everyone. I have a system which was struck by lightning, cooking everything including the uALFAT-TF module. I know this module is discontinued. Salae have it listed, and link to the self-construct documents, but they are not on the server anymore. :frowning:

The link I am referring to is this one:

I am DESPERATE to get my hands on a couple of these modules or the documents allowing me to make my own ones.

I do have the ALFAT module, but it will not work at 9600 baud, unless you have released a new firmware allowing this?

We can manufacture these for you but the cost to make just one maybe too high. We may find one forgotten on a shelf somehow but this maybe hard since this was discontinued ages ago!

I suggest you contact us directly for pricing

Hi Gus. Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know it is a big ask, and frankly, probably not worth making any either.
If I could get hold of a couple sitting on a shelf somewhere, that would be ideal.

I do have a couple of the ALFAT modules - now renamed F40, so I see, and they were bought when it was a brand new release, so I am pretty sure they have v.1.0 firmware in them, and you could not select anything other then 115k2 default baud-rate. I see by reading around the forums, that the newer firmwares let you select 9600 baud-rate by default, by grounding SPI_CLK but if that is the case, that done, it SHOULD more-or-less then be a drop-in replacement - ignoring size for the moment.

I am going to dig out my ALFAT modules, hook one up to a COM port and TeraTerm(to confirm operation and firmware version in it at present), and then update to the V2.0.0 firmware, which should then enable the 9600 default baud-rate option, which if that works, would probably be 99% of the problems fixed. The other 1% might be just a bit of code change, but the commands all seem to be identical to the earlier uALFAT-TF, so I am hopeful that if I can get the module to default to 9600, then it will work as a replacement - hope, hope…

Would you agree with that logic?

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Hi Rictech, have you solved your issue?

We went through the same thing when ALFAT came out and uALFAT was discontinued, we partnered up with another firm and purchased 50 units. So if you still need a couple units they we can make them available

Hi there.Thank you for your reply. 8)

I have sourced a couple of these from the guys at the PICAXE forums, but I would still like a couple more just for good luck.
I have 95% completed a totally new system with native SD card support, but I would still like redundancy for the old ones, just until I am ready to move over to the new system.

If you could please contact me via my website, that would be lovely. www dot rictech dot nz contact.
I am not sure that GHI would like me posting email details here etc, and I also don’t want to feed the spamming robots that scan forum threads for email addresses either…

@ RICTECH - you can post whatever you like as long as it is not offending other members :slight_smile:

Hi Gus. :slight_smile:

That’s nice to know. In that case:


Of course, some of us are more easily offended than others!


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