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Design Check - USBizi144


Hello Everyone,
I’m looking at using the GHI USBizi144 chipset for a new product I’m working on. So far it looks like it will work perfect.
The project would request the following modes of operation.

  1. PC-COM to COM transparent passthru @ 9600/38700/57600. - Mode enabled by PC-COM command
  2. PC-COM to COM protocol translator @ 38700. - Mode enabled by PC-COM command
  3. log COM data to SD card @ 57600 - about 2kb a second. - Mode enabled by Digital Pin State
  4. log COM data to SD card @ 57600, as well as transmit to PC-COM port. - Mode enabled by PC software connection status

While Modes 2-4 are active the device would have to read/write data to the COM port on I/O, AD pin values. - interrupt pins would be used.

The PC-COM port will be via a FTDI chipset as the PC software currently uses this chip with the FTDI D2XX driver.

Nothing is timing critical, all data logging would be raw data from the COM port. From what I have seen this project is nothing for the USBizi144 to handle.
I just wanted to double check that I’m not overlooking something before I submit my order.

Thanks in advance


You could always first up buy a Panda or Domino and prove the concept.

Remember, netmf is not a real time OS, so you need to make sure your data requirements can be handled appropriately… every project is different


Everything you describes can be done easily and it doesn’t look like real-time is an issue in your case. OF course if it does then you can still use USBizi and add RLP drivers for the real-time work.

Like Brett said, it is only a $40 investment and you will know for sure how you like USBizi :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. I just ordered a Domino to try out.

It’s not so much the money for the demo board, it’s my wage that adds up. If I waste a day trying new hardware and it doesn’t work that’s 10x more then the demo board. That being said it looks like developing with this platform will save us a huge amount of time in the future.


Let us know what you think once you try it please.