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Desigining DHCP server, need ARP


Hi guys,

I have developed a custom DHCP server using FEZ Rhino and WIZ811MJ (W5100). I want to do an ARP to make sure that no one is already using the IP address. Can I do this with GHI’s library? I am already using HTTP, TCP, and UDP with this solution successfully. I am looking for ARP or RAW sockets support with the W5100.

Thanks in advance.


Quickly looking at the datasheet for the W5100 I see references to raw IP and raw MAC functionality.

The GHI library does not expose this functionality. You would have to write your own drivers.


You can request the library sources from GHI directly if this is a commercial application.



The DHCP server is currently a prototype of a potential commercial application to replace an existing Windows Service and thus replacing a PC. Depends on feasability of the project, and reception by my client.

Consider this a request for the source. Can you email me the licensing terms? Thanks.