Deployment to Gdageteer hardware AND dusplaying data on PC screen


Since it is impossible to use WPF in NETMF, I constructed two projects under same solution - one for the hardware and one is pure WPF.
I am trying to show data from the HW project in the WPF project (something like putting the accelerometer readings in a textbox) but I cannot transfer data between the projects. Referencing doesn’t work because an error pops “the two projects are of differetn families” (duh!).

I’d like to show values from the hardware on my pc using simple wpf controls. Any ideas?


You have to pass the values from the gadgeteer board to the pc by using serial or network.

I have all the values from the HW and I even display them in th eoutput window. No problem with that - using the USB.

The problem is building a GUI on the PC to show values from the HW.

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like Eric said you will need an interface for the two DIFFERENT Worlds to talk …

So either ETHERNET, or RS232…

please look for Web Server Examples on the wiki also you can check back this Forum i just saw a post of a user who was successful in communicating with his board through the USB port.

I prefer USB to serial module

Hi guys, thank you all.

To summarize what I understand:

Data communication between the HW and any other application should have a dedicated channel, and cannot use the connection established for the deployment and debugging.
The (only one) USB cable connected to the setup, providing power and communication to the MSVS cannot ve used for this

If this is right, I’m screwed: Just in order to check values in the developing process, I have to set up a Wireless Ethernet or bluetooth communication :frowning:

If I’m wrong, and the existing USB connection can ALSO be used to communicate with other applications, I’d love a pointer to an example.

Thanks again, guys.


please do a search in this forum your questions have been answered with examples…
you can switch to serial debugging… and use the USB for communication…


Jay Jay: I admit I’m lost. Would you be so kind as to point me there?

USB connection can be use for debugging OR for transferring data to PC. See USB Client tutorials please.

Thanks is the wiki link. There are also sample PC apps that do comms over a serial port to a Panda, like FezTerm

On it.