Deploying to T18 fails with not enough space

I have a T18 with TinyCLR installed. The device can be pinged. Unfortunately uploading fails with the message “There were not enough space totaling 0 bytes found for assembly: 104132.”
My code hasn’t changed and was uploaded successfully three months ago, but I need to debug it now. One difference is that it’s been 3 months since I uploaded it last, and since then Visual Studio 2019 has been upgraded to 16.10.
Can anybody suggest how I can get the upload to work again? Thanks.

104k for the assembly? Something is not right!!

Here are the sizes:
- ProperMain v1.0.0.0 with size 5,676 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
- Max14830MultiUART v1.0.0.0 with size 5,792 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
- mscorlib v1.0.0.0 with size 72,284 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
- GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.Gpio v1.0.0.0 with size 4,808 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
- GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.I2c v1.0.0.0 with size 5,464 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
- GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.Uart v1.0.0.0 with size 5,888 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
- GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Native v1.0.0.0 with size 4,220 bytes at ‘C:\clients\SIAC_Wedge\ProperMain\bin\Debug\pe\’.
Total deployment size is 104,132 bytes.

My program isn’t very big. ProperMain is about 350 lines of C# code.

I have no idea if those numbers have changed from 3 months ago, but my source code hasn’t changed at all.

Do a rebuild?

This is after a clean and rebuild. Are the sizes of the GHI libraries different than what you have? (i.e. 4220 bytes for TinyCLR Native)

Sorry, I am not using TinyCLR I am using the current hardware and software.

Maybe you should start with a new project, and then add your project files. Worth a try?

You are using the VS plugin for TinyCLR

It is hard to tell. TinyCLR 2.1 is what you need… On SITCore of course. You will have a much better experience and we can give you excellent support.

I’m sure I would. But I have to maintain an existing project and don’t have the freedom to throw it out.
It seems the GHI libraries on my development machine updated themselves to V2. V1 used to still be available, but now it’s not listed. How come V1 has been removed? I can download V1 previews, but not the actual released version.

Then I suggest netmf instead.

you can use either VS2017 either VS2019
on VS2017 you can use TinyCLR 1.0 (disable automatic update on VSIX)
on VS2019 you can use TinyCLR 2.0

and you can maintain and use both version on different VS

Thank you ! I did not realize that TinyCLR 1.0 doesn’t work on VS2019 - and I uninstalled VS2017 a month ago to make room on my HD. I’ve now reinstalled it and can get and compile V1 just fine. Thanks again.

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I spoke too soon. Even though I now have the V1 libraries again, they still will not load into my T18 FEZ boards. Could it be that’s because the only Visual Studio TinyCLR project extension available is version 2.0.900 ?