Deploying the framework to a brand new STM32F405

Taking this hypothetical situation: The uC on a FezCerbuino was replaced with a new on direct from the factory.

Will the TinyBooter and Firmware be able to deployed to it via USB?

Yes it will work

You need to wear blue undies and a pink TuTu for good luck but apart from that…just load as per normal

Therefore when the loader jumper is shorted, the chip knows to expect information from the usb port that it puts into flash.

I don’t suppose anyone knows which page of the ST manuals that is documented?

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@ Mr. John Smith - Check the data sheet, section 2.2.13 explains that the boot loader is in system memory and it lists the options for programming the chip, on of which is USB OTG FS.

These chips all ship with a bootloader in the ROM of the device which supports the flashing of the firmware though one of the serial interfaces.

Here is a link to the data sheet

And for all the gory details, you can check application note AN2606

Man that’s alot of information. I wonder if getting the USB host to work is worth it after all.

@ Mr. John Smith - It is, and you will need a lot more to get USB host working. That documentation is only for the programming interface, it does not cover implementing USB host and supporting the various device classes.

There are application notes for implementing various USB host support for keyboards, mice. I am not sure off hand which of the application notes they are, you will need to search.

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