Deploying program without VS

Is there a way to deploy program without vs? Something like calling mf deploy in code. Some example would be very useful.

Search for application deployment. Mfdeploy can do it.

I am trying to find a way to integrate mf deploy in my application but documentation is very poor. Has anyone done something similar in the past?

Yes. Our updater app uses mfdeploy.

Is you updater app open source?

No but all we used was the docs that came with mfdeploy.

The MFDeploy uses a library DLL which you can use to develop your own loader.

Excellent, thank you.

Ok, I have several question. What are the steps for deploying process? First I would need to detect all devices, then to connect with one of them. Next step is to deploy application and then execute code. Am I missing something? Where can I find SREC file, signatureFile? They should be somewhere in the project folder right? And of course how can I determine entryPoint?