Deploying app from code

I’ve finished migrating our main app from netmf to TinyCLR OS.
The only remaining obstacle is the deployment.
We have a seperate service tool for easy deployment of our app for our hardware manufacturer to use, which is a simple tool for windows using MFDeploy.Deploy to deploy our netmf-app.
I can’t find any reference to a similar library for deploying TinyCLR OS-apps. Is there any?

Using TinyCLR Config, there is the option to save and load the app in .tca-format
Is there any examples available on how to use this function in my own code?

It looks like I found the answer.
The GHIElectronics.Bootloader.Interface.dll that comes with TinyCLR Config contains the libs needed.
In this case the GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Debugger.Management namespace which contains MFDeploy() and everything else I used from .NETMF

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