Deploying a Windows Form Application Program in Chipworx

I made a program using Visual Studio with a Windows Application format, it also has a database. Apparently, I am having a problem in deploying it in the Chipworx. I don’t know how to put my program in the Chipworx Development System… Kindly help me… I hope for your immediate response… thank you.

Everything you need is on this page Support – GHI Electronics

Start with blinking LED, then work your way to database. Do not start with database first till you understand the basics of NETMF.

i just want to make sure. Please bare with me for not knowing so much about this. So, I made a program, a drag drop windows application for format, and as i’ve said there’s a database in it… Is there a way to directly put it in the Chipworx Development System? The whole program itself, considering the pictures, data and the like…

These are not Windows devices. If nothing else, you will need to CONVERT your program to the .Net MICRO framework which has many less features than the full framework.

You can’t just “put” it on a device like Chipworkx. Sure, Chipworkx has a database ported onto it, but does that mean the DB you have will directly transport into it? No.

Your C# app will most likely be able to be ported into the netmf, but the constraints in all of these MICRO framework devices are much greater than you’d face on Windows. You have to think “small” on these devices. Without knowing more about your specific app, we probably can’t conclusively tell you that it can be done. You may find some other people here have experience doing exactly what you are trying to do, but a lot of people here are coming from an embedded world where you “think small” all the time.

but would it be difficult to do? especially, if im a newbie about this.

Tell us a little bit more about your application. Share some code, screenshots, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of my program… the data in the boxes are in a database. I hope someone will reply about my prob on deploying this program to chipworx… i really need it badly. thank you.

You will have to rewrite the code for UI and db support in your application for Chipworx - there is no way around it.

Start with free e-book. Check the code section of the forum as well we have tons of samples.

is it hard to do that? so where am i going to program it? still in visual C#? sorry for my ignorance regarding this matter. and the code for UI, where can i find resources for its syntax?

You can not make “windows look alike” applications on NETMF devices. They are completely different systems with deferent target audience. On NETMF, you can make things similar to phones, you can implement devices like information centers or implement POS

so Gus, it’s not possible to have the same layout as i have in my windows app program?

You could do ti theoretically but that is a bad idea. Try to implement that on a phone, it is also a bad idea.
Remember you have lower resolution (and lower resources) on “devices” than you have on a PC.

Take a look at this

twinklturn14, please take our advice and start reading the free e-book:

It doesn’t help neither you, nor us to keep asking the same question over and over again.

Here is a quick analogy. Think of the difference between a car and a light aircraft. They both share some general ideas for user interface elements: some method of steering, a method of controlling the throttle, etc. The user interface for the car and airplane are vastly different though as they are vastly different devices. What makes sense for one does not translate directly to the other so you would not want to try and translate the UI from one to the other.

For a real life example: I had an old Windows Phone (like V5 or so), they tried to use the same type of user interface as the desktop: a start menu, etc, etc. It worked but was kind of clunky to actually use. My new Windows Phone 7 based device is MUCH, MUCH better. They realized that a phone was not a desktop and completely redesigned the UI to something that made sense for this type of device.

thanks a lot for your replies and help… i really appreciate them… :slight_smile: i’ll try my best to do this. this is the only way for me to graduate. so i really don’t have a choice anyway…

Also, please take a look at Pyxis 2:

It works on Chipworkx and it will give you an idea about what kind of UI you can have. You can also make your application a Pyxis 2 application and run it inside Pyxis 2.

And I watch these threads too so if you have any questions while converting your app I’ll be around to help. You can even email me directly thom @ [myusername] dot com :slight_smile: