Deploy Via USB to 1 of 2 USBizi Devices Connected Simultaneously?

I’ve got 2 Panda II devices connected to my PC via USB. I’ve got a VS2010 Express instance with project “A” trying to deploy to device 1. Another instance of VS has project “B” trying to deploy to device 2.

My issue is that in the project properties window, the project doesn’t seem to remember the USBizi device selection. More often than not, when deploying, the project gets deployed to the wrong device.

Is there any way to make this reliably work? My only work around now is to momentarily unplug a device to ensure I deploy to the proper device.

Firmware Version: is installed on both devices.


Mikee, welcome to the community :slight_smile: I don’t know any good workaround for this problem does anyone? When i want to debug on two devices at the same time i try to use different chips (USBizi and EMX). This way VS usualy deploys the code to the proper device. There is also another problem when you have one device and two project opened in the same instance of VS. It can happen that VS deploys other project than the active one. That’s way try to use one VS, one executable project and one board per PC and you will be fine. Hope this will not be an issue in future.

The name can be changed on larger devices but unfortunately not usbizi.