Deploy USB Issues again!

I am posting this in the hopes it may be of help to anyone that experiences this problem. No blame here to anyone or any software.
I am only posting some info on how I ‘fixed’ my latest deployment failure.

Running Visual C# Express 2010 on a Windows 7 64 bit OS.
Using .Net Micro 4.2

Before my problem showed up I was running a 4.2 bluetooth application that was running as expected (No problems running the code or making any changes.)

I then started developing a new version of this code that uses WiFi . Still using .Net Micro 4.2 (In other words no changes to the .Net Micro version).
After writing a portion of my code I tried a deploy from the Visual studio and it failed.

I checked the application’s properties and I noticed that the .NET Micro Framework Device: showed in the selection box.
Note that MFDeploy could see the USB port and I could ‘erase’ the old application.
Also, The GHI NETMF Debug Interface was displayed in the Universal Serial Bus controllers (Windows Device Manager).

Lets just say I ‘spun my wheels’ trying different thing and nothing I tried changed anything. I finally went the Windows Control Panel, Programs and Features
and did a ‘Repair’ on all things related to the SDK’s and the .Net Micro framework (Those items that had the ‘repair’ option).

Anyway, a ‘repair’ of the entry: Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK 4.2 (QFE2) ‘fixed’ the problem.

I have no idea why it happened because I had not used the visual studio for anything other than the original 4.2 application that was working. I could deploy to ‘that’ application but not to the new application just created from the old (modified) code.

Some screen shots included. Note that MFDeploy could ‘see’ the USB but visual studio could not.

Image 5 of 5 shows the device after the ‘repair’…

Hope it is of some use to somebody… have a great day!

Thanks for the tip.