Deploy G400-S to G400-D

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum and been working on a new project using the Raptor Kit. Got it all done but will like to deploy it to the G400-D using the HDR. I thought it that it would be as simple as changing the pinout information on program, but that did not work. Is there any way to deploy this solution into the G400-D? Is it possible?

.Net Micro Framework 4.2
Visual Studio 2012


The same program should deploy to both the same way.

Did you update the firmware on your second board?

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Hey Gus,

Yes, I updated the firmware on both of the boards using FEZ Config.

I’m using the Music Module (11), RS232 Module (12) and SD Card module (9) on the G400-S using the Raptor Kit.

On the G400-D, the Music Module is on (6), RS232 Module (7) and SD Card module (10).

I modified the C# code for the different socket numbers. Anything else that should be done?

How did you map the gadgeteer module drivers? The gadgeteer drivers are for raptor but not for the G400 itself.

I see. I was under the impression that the Raptor drivers would work on both G400-s and G400-d.

How do you suggest to approach the issue? Is there an update to the framework that supports G400-d?

The G400 is a “module”. It runs netmf. Gadgeteer is a layer that adds drivers, and maps pins from the module out to individual sockets. If your pins don’t map to the same sockets, then your code isn’t “portable” without rework.

If you’re talking about using the G400 HDR carrier board and it’s sockets, then you might want to look at this from codeshare

You will need to change your board from a Raptor to this mainboard, and remap your connections.

I’ll take a look into that HDR project.

Thanks Brett,