Deploy code to G400 using command line possible?

I am investigating possibility to create a DevOps workflow to automatically deploy latest NETMF to G400 then create the HEX file and store it in artifact storage.

Is it possible to use command line to build the EXE then deploy it the G400 module? Normally I will need to click the run button to deploy, but it would simplify the process a lot if I can do it through command line. Thanks.

It’s relatively easy to write an console app to do want you want, have a look at the mfdeploy code and base your app from that code.

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I know MFDeploy can help with creating HEX from the device but I am looking for a way to build & deploy from .csproj to the device.

It looks like devenv /debugexe not able to deploy the code to the board. Another way I can think of is have the csproj project opened in visual studio and have a auto clicker / UI test program to click the Run button.This looks unprofessional but at least should be working.

the code of mfdeploy is available… Justin’s point was you can use it as the starting point for what you need.

To build from the command line, google “visual studio command line build”

Write program to build and then use mfdeploy to load on device. Mfdeploy.dll?

I got the build part OK. But the problem is getting the pe file instead of HEX deployed. Just took an hour looking at MFDeployEnging.dll and debugger’s source code. Seems it’s the right direction (Thanks guys!) but still not quite find the way yet. Will take another look tomorrow.