Deploy and send via the same UART port

How could we use COM02 as both a deploy vector (via VS or command line?) and still be able to use the COM02 to send data (telemetry)?

We have a bluetooth serial connected to the COM02.

We need that to send new application to the robot during a competion without wasting (a lot) of time plugging and unplugging the USB cable.
But we also need our telemetry data and we only have one bluetooth module.

The process needs to be quick, reliable and easy (and/or) scriptable

-SystemUpdate require an .hex file that VS doesn’t provide.

-Debug.Print is too slow for our 100HZ loop + We can’t get the output outside visual studio. We already have a python client processing our data and drawing charts.

-Configuration.DebugInterface.Set would allow to change the debug interface from USB to COM02, but wouldn’t that lock the COM02?

-We don’t need VS debugging via COM02, but if that’s possible that would be awesome.

We have a Usbizi.

You can deploy your app using USB but form there, your application can use in field update to load the updates using anything, including one of the serial ports.

I can’t find the in-field update documentation. If it’s SystemUpdate where do I find the .hex?

Yes it is. This is fairly advance feature. You may need a beer and a cigar to study it :slight_smile:

I’m ok with the cigar and beer, but ->

Can you point out to any in field update about documentation? 75% of the documentation I found says only “We support in-field update”.

SystemUpdate requires an hex file, and hex file that is not generated with my build… Where does it come from?

The documentation talk about fetching it from the chip itself, which is A wierd and B not usefull in my case. VS generated something that is pushed to the chip, what and why can’t I use that?

Check pyxis 2. It has great example on how to use IFU. Search the forum we had this topic in one form or another several times in the past.

I had search for “In field update” and “SystemUpdate”, with very few meaning full answer but ->

IFU return a lot more result than “In field update”… but that not very intuitive. Maybe use better title next time :wink:

I’ll look into that.

About Pixys 2? Any links that you could provide? Thank you.

I was able to google that one… but it’s an OS, and your talking about IFU. Any place to look further, the documentation (which doesn’t load BTW), the source code, if yes, any class name that you recall?

Pyxis 2 is able to update itself and ghi firmware if needed using IFU. The source code is there and it is working. What documentation doesn’t load?

Ok I found ->

It’s an advanced implementation of SystemUpdate.

So ok, SystemUpdate is the way to go.

BUT is the a way to get the .hex file without ->

-Having to open teraterm and download to hex file. (Which didn’t work, probably an error of my part AND MFDeploy doesn’t work for Usbizi)

Like I said, the code on the chip come from my build, so where is that hex file?

User guide in lead to a 0 k download…

Uploading first to the device and then retrieving it using the steps provided in the documentation is the only way I am aware of

I haven’t used pyxis documentatio on codeplex. Check Pyxis 2 home page there might be something there.