Demo Abstract: Augmenting Homes with Custom Devices using .NET Gadgeteer and HomeOS From

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Very interesting!

@ Andre - HomeOS looks like a great standard to follow for your project.

I ask Microsoft for HomeOS last year.
They told me that the HomeOS is only released for University.
We can’t try it now.

Something is here… Not sure if it’s everything but it looks like a start.

Thank you ian

I think they will change this to Windows 8.

Tzu - This is very interesting. Unfortunately the codeplex site does not include the HomeOS framework.

From their readme file:

[quote]The goal of this repository is to enable easy sharing of HomeOS
modules within the community. The framework itself is not hosted
here. Visit for details on how
to get that. (The modules are pretty much useless without it.)[/quote]

They’re probably using WF. But they certainly don’t have one that runs from a FEZ!

You have an interest, right? That’s all that matters. I was merely suggesting that if you’re going to build it then it might make sense to make it HomeOS compatible so that if MSR continues to grow the project then you will be helping each other. BTW, I’m very interested but just don’t have time to take on another project at the moment.