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Deleting while in bootloader


Don’t know if anyone else has had this problem (or how many are using IFU) but while I’m in bootloader mode it seems to refuse to delete the file(s) after update. I can do it application mode but I’d rather have the bootloader do it.


I am not sure what files you are referring to.


Pyxis approaches IFU by downloading the new app file and/or firmware files from the skewworks site to the primary drive (either sd or usb). After using SystemUpdate to apply rhe patch I then try to delete said file(s) but get an authorization error of all things. Pyxis ignores this and moves on but I would really like o see the hex files killed by the bootloader app.


The IFU and deleting files are not related… I think it is a different problem. Try something very simple like deleting a file without getting the file from a server or doing IFU…


Mike the file is retrieved in application mode. The file can be opened, read and applied fine. I can also delete the file in application mode. It’s only in bootloader mode I have issues. I will force a patch when I get home tonight and provide the exact error message.


Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I’ve also got the same setup where the presence of a hex file in a Panda II’s SD card triggers the in field update process. If the normal application sees the hex file, it runs the bootloader. The bootloader in turn reads the file, writes the update, closes the file, and deletes it.

The problem was, the file remained on the SD card even after executing File.Delete() and this would cause the update process to cycle all over again. I discovered later that you have to execute UnmountFileSystem() in the PersistentStorage class to ensure that the file deletion truly takes place. I realize this response is a year late, but maybe it might help someone else searching the forums.