Defective Spider

I purchased 6 Spiders from Mouser. I have one that unresponsive. Power light comes on but that’s it. Not recognized by PC when connected via USB.

Should I sent it back to Mouser or GHI?


We have received your email and we should reply if we haven’t already :slight_smile:

I have not seen anything yet except for a message asking to post my issue to the forum. Just need to know best return procedure under the circumstances. Would it be faster/easier to just have you do the replacement? Should I contact Mouser instead and go through an RMA? I’m not sure they have stock.


Sorry to nag here, but should I be expecting an email or will there be a post that answers my product return question? Thanks.


I’d try re-emailing the GHI team making sure you check your Junk Mail folder too :wink:

Very strange. I will email you directly later.