Decimal struct error

This morning, one of my project based on the Raptor Mainboard has started givin’ error during the startup of the debugger: “unknown type: System.Decimal”

 Found debugger!

Create TS.

 Loading start at 8062c6c, end 808cfec

   Assembly: mscorlib (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Native (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.IO (  
   Assembly: System.IO (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.OneWire (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Usb (     Assembly: System.Xml (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Net (  
   Assembly: System (  Loading Deployment Assemblies.

Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: Gadgeteer (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Net.Security (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: GHI.OSHW.Hardware (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Touch (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: System.Http (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: System.Net.Security (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: CerbuinoSandBox (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: GHIElectronics.Gadgeteer.FEZCerbuinoBee (  Resolving.

Resolve: unknown type: System.Decimal

Error: ff000000

Waiting for debug commands...

The program '[2] Micro Framework application: Managed' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

I then tried to insert a decimal variable into another “clean” project with the Cerbuino, but the problem still remains. So I dusted off the old Netduino for the same test, but the same error occurred.

It follows that the struct decimal seems to be not supported by NETMF, but I read on the web that decimal struct is supported from NETFM 3.0+ (Decimal Structure | Microsoft Learn).

What’s happening? (Really… I don’t use drugs!!! ;D)

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day! :wink:

decimal is not supported in micro framework.

Ok, wrong info on MSDN library… ::slight_smile:

Thank you, @ Mike :slight_smile:

My suspicion: when something in the netmf API library says “and above”, you should only consider that to extend to the major release number not future major release numbers. So that may have been true for 3.x, not 4.x.

@ Brett, AFAIK usually vXX + includes next major releases too, but after all, I am considering that NETMF has become an open source project on CodePlex and it can be considered as a kind of new product. (?!?)
(In fact, in the MS Download Center SDK 3.0 is still listed as latest version)

Anyhow, thank you! :wink: