Debugging using F11 - Step into

I should be able to solve this but… I’m lost
I am using C# Express 2010 and a Fez Spider

When debugging using F11 (Step Into) I receive the following Tab.

No Source Available

Locating source for ‘C:\Gadgeteer SVN\Main\Mainboards\GHIElectronics\FEZSpider\Software\FEZSpider\FEZSpider.cs’. Checksum: MD5 {37 c2 60 30 93 2e 19 f4 b6 4 f7 fb 69 ec 1e 31}
The file ‘C:\Gadgeteer SVN\Main\Mainboards\GHIElectronics\FEZSpider\Software\FEZSpider\FEZSpider.cs’ does not exist.
Looking in script documents for ‘C:\Gadgeteer SVN\Main\Mainboards\GHIElectronics\FEZSpider\Software\FEZSpider\FEZSpider.cs’…
Looking in the projects for ‘C:\Gadgeteer SVN\Main\Mainboards\GHIElectronics\FEZSpider\Software\FEZSpider\FEZSpider.cs’.
The file was not found in a project.
Looking in directory ‘c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\vc7\atlmfc’…
Looking in directory ‘c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\vc7\crt’…
The debug source files settings for the active solution indicate that the debugger will not ask the user to find the file: C:\Gadgeteer SVN\Main\Mainboards\GHIElectronics\FEZSpider\Software\FEZSpider\FEZSpider.cs.
The debugger could not locate the source file ‘C:\Gadgeteer SVN\Main\Mainboards\GHIElectronics\FEZSpider\Software\FEZSpider\FEZSpider.cs’.

Can anyone guide me in what I need to do so 2010 Express can find the files needed when single stepping into the source code. I have searched my PC for the file names (such as FEZSpider.cs, Button.cs, and others depending on where I am in the code) and none have been found on my PC.

Sorry to ask such a simple question but…

Welcome to the forum Willgeorge…

Step into is intended to allow you to step into the code you write. The Gadgeteer and NetMF code are not explicitly part of the SDK you can download and install, but they certainly are things you could get if you wanted to. and have the source available if you really want them - but I’d ask are you sure you want to step into the internals ?

You can always just STEP OVER the core bits and then into your own routines as you want… and use breakpoints to get into places where you want to check things !

It is purposely made that way so give you an option to step into the code. You can download the code from gadgeteer codeplex. I do not recommend you do this just yet if you are just getting started.

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Thanks for the replys!

I guess I should have stated that I cannot step into the code. I can use breakpoints with success.

My issue is that when stepping the ‘No source Available Tab’ shows up and I have to close the tab
or select another tab to continue.

For example, step into method main() Mainboard = new GHIElectronics.Gadgeteer.FEZSpider();
will bring up the tab asking for source code.

I really do not need or want to step into the Gadgeteer core.

Maybe I should have just asked how to supress the ‘No source Available Tab’ if that is possible.

This is not a real issue for me but is more of a general question because I do not know how to use all the possible options for debug in the C# Express application. Also, I do not receive the No Source Available tab when debugging other NET Micro code such as the Netduino.

Thanks again for your reply and have a great day!

You don’t get the “no source tab” because that software is closed source. Gadgeteer by design HAS the software available, just not installed on people’s machines by default, and you CAN step into it if you wish. If for instance you create a new EMX project without using Gadgeteer, you won’t get that error if you tried to step into the GHI or NETMF code as it’s marked non-User code; it’s deliberate that Gadgeteer doesn’t block that.

F10 is your friend, step over code you don’t want to look into. Perhaps there’s an option to suppress that, although I don’t recall seeing one (but never been on a witch hunt for it either).

Thanks for the information.
I understand your reply and yes I do use F10.

Now I am a little smarter than I was this morning!

Really… Your reply tells me what I need to know.