Debugging over WiFi network

With the Xbee WiFi module’s transparent mode, i’ve read that it acts as a serial port directly to an IP/Port number. Given that Debugging over COM1 is possible, then is it theoretically possible to Debug over wifi?

Theoretically speaking, it should. However, I would only see this working with 2 Xbees talking to each other. I don’t think it would be possible over direct WiFi without creating your own Windows driver.

There would have to be a windows driver that takes a Virtual COM port driver and sends the data over TCP/IP?

In a nutshell can you explain how the Network Debugging (as is currently implemented) works?

I don’t think network debugging is implemented in any current versions, but I could be wrong. I’m almost positive it’s not in any OSHW products.

If you’re asking how it’s implemented on the debugger side (i.e. Visual Studio), I don’t have an answer for that.