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Debugging exits and code is not run


I created a simple project to blink an LED, and I hit F5, all messages are shown, but the LED never blinks. I put in a debug.print, and it never shows up. I have double checked that the ports are correct, and that I have all needed drivers. I told VS not to use the emulator, and to go through the USB, but still nothing works.


We are in the middle of moving from NETMF4.0/VS2008 to NETMF4.1/VS2010 so it can get very confusing for new users.

This is where we are at now, we have updated all documents to instruct users to use VS2010 but the SDK we have online is still the old one. The new 4.1 SDK is complete and tested and it is going on the server the first thing in the morning.

So, if you are using VS2010 and NETMF4.1 then you have to go to the project settings and select “Micro Framework 4.0”. By default, it is 4.1. Tomorrow we will have the 4.1 firmware so this step will not be needed.

See the image below and let me know if I can help further.


Thank you in the end I needed to update the firmware, but I will be happy to do so again tomorrow and use Visual C# 2010!


Just want to check, is the 4.1 SDK up and ready now?


looks like it will be monday :frowning: