Debugger will not attach to Cerberus

Hmm, interesting noob test.

Just needed to borrow a new computer, and installed vs2012, and updated it. Installed the newest SDK and started coding completely from scratch.

All works fine, deployment works, but the debugger newer attaches to the process, and the breakpoints cannot be seen. When unattaching the debugger and resetting the board, the code runs fine.

Hmm, I might add that the board was a 1.2 with 4.3.3 firmware. There was external power to the USB-DP at the same time the USB was plugged in, and I am still wondering why this does not work…

For beginners this should work out of the box, and in this case it doesnt, which annoys me.

We just fixed an issue with usb. Maybe related to what you are seeing.

Thanks, will be standing by. 8)

Any chance the problem I describe at

Is related to this issue? I am also using a USB-DP module, externally powered but the power pin from my USB cable is not connected.

@ Gene - Your description from that thread is quite similar to mine, except for the board.

The bug was in the core effecting everything.

@ andre.m - no need as we are back on track with everything in control for a while now.

@ Gus - Might this bug fix eventually also fix the “ghost break point” issue, where the debugger stops and only continues if you hit pause/run?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - that existed in 4.2 where this bug was introduced in 4.3. So probably not.

On the bright side, we are done! There is nothing for us to add to the sdk going forward. All our time is dedicated to perfecting everything.