Debug over Bluetooth

Hi all

I found a thread about the possibility of debugging over bluetooth, but there was never any conclusive answer.

Well, here is an answer:
Yes, it is possible.

I connected a custom bluetooth module to COM1 on my Panda, after configuring the bluetooth module for 115K baud and my Panda for serial debug, and it works! I can program/debug via VS2010 and I can ping it via MSdeploy… :slight_smile:

The only poroblem is that I’m overloading the 3.3V rail on my Panda with all my add-ons, so I will need to beef up the 3.3V regulator…


Sweet! Can we add the instructions and maybe a video to wiki please? :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do… :slight_smile:

Gus, can your bluetooth module’s baud rate be changed?

On my module there is a pin that, if pulled low during power up, causes the module to go into AT mode. In this mode I can send AT commands to change the baud rate, name, pin etc. All changes are saved in onboard flash.


I am not sure myself but serial debugging on NETMF is locked to 115200

Hence the requirement to change the bluetooth module’s baud to 115K… :slight_smile:


Not sure of this will work but for the old AT modems it was always possible to goto AT mode by pressing +++

I hope it works in bluetooth too :wink:

I added some info to the wiki, at [url]

Can I add on the wiki where i bought my module? I was on ebay…


You can put any info you like :slight_smile:

No video though :frowning:

I have 500 experience points waiting for the video if this helps :slight_smile:

Video is hard. There really isn’t much to see.

What capture/webcam software did you guys use for the Unboxing Fez/FEZ First Power up?


This might help you:

It’s free, lightweight and I have used it numerous times for recording tutorials or showing stuff.

Thanks. Downloading…

What can I use to also show a video feed on the screen?

Edit: Never mind. MPC-HC works nicely…


Any Video Player application?
Where does the video feed come from?

A live feed from a web cam. Or, if I can find the cable, from a firewire camera…

But “Media Player Classic - Home Cinema” can play streams directly from capture devices, so that is fine. Now, if I can just find that cable… :frowning:

Video posted. It’s not much, but like I said, there isn’t much to show… :slight_smile:

500 point as I promised :slight_smile: Thanks