Debug options are now available for Embedded ARM GCC support as of the Visual Studio 2017 15.6 Preview 2 release

Release Notes

Updated tutorial


Are you telling me that I can build TinyCLR OS sources right from visual studio?! And then continue to use the same visual studio to deploy my .NET applications?!

You have got to love visual studio :nerd_face:

We can just edit and build on Visual Studio 2017 15.5.
(To debugging for Visual Studio 2017 15.6 Preview 2)

Sorry, my blog is Japanese only.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\Linux\gcc_arm\bin>arm-none-eabi-gcc --version
arm-none-eabi-gcc (GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors 6-2017-q2-update) 6.3.1 20170620 (release) [ARM/embedded-6-branch revision 249437]

Ok, they wrote “hardware debugger”. This debug method requires JTAG then?

Netmf and TinyCLR are the only systems that allow for debugging without needed hardware tools… At least as far as I know.

Someone has already succeeded to build TinyClr-Port this way ?

We have :slight_smile:

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How ? How ? How ? :clap:

We think we can document it and make it easier. It will come, don’t worry :slight_smile:


cmsis-dap/st-link should be fine.

Little bit off topic. Gus, have you checked LittleFileSystem from mbed ?

do not forget to publish ported version also “that we can call/use directly” - but is better even more when you publish it with documented version.

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Miam, miam … I don’t worry ! I know how active is GHI Team. Please think to take rest sometimes,even if we all want see progress.

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I published CppProperties.json, tasks.vs.json and build.bat. :slight_smile:


Very thanks to share it ! I can now compile with VS, and can uninstall WSL and gcc !