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Is there a API for interfacing the debug driver in other programming languages?

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Technically, you can compile any language to run on FEZ. This is a simple answer with very complicated answer.

What are you trying to do?


I don’t want to use another programming language for getting intelligence in the FEZ domino.

I want to build a PC application that interfaces with the FEZ domino by use of the USB debug facilities. (So I want to use the FEZ DOMINO driver API)


That is easy, you need a small application on FEZ to communicate with USB and does whatever you want it to do…control IOs…control peripherals…etc.

You are still giving us very very little information so the answer are not going to be very helpful!


You don’t need to use the debug Api, instead you can use a serial connection through the USB port (Virtual serial port). You can send your data through the virtual serial connection.
If you want both, you can have a look at USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging which gives you Debuging and Serial port over the same USB port at the same time.


i could be misreading this too (we need a clearer picture!)

Is what you’re asking for a way to have a PC based application that “looks” like Visual Studio as in it can “be” the debugger for a USB connected device?


My Telnet sample is example of doing this from a PC app (also my FezTerm on the project page does it also using a windows app with similar use of CDC).
Works over the existing debug interface using usb cdc. Once you get the virtual comm port, you can talk back and forth to the fez and do anything you want. You could also hookup a physical serial port if you don’t want the cdc stuff. The cdc is convient because the ports and cable are already attached.


Oh yes! How did I forget about William’s code on fezzer :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies, it’s much clear for me at this point.